SWING _wrapper


  • Working Cycle electronically controlled by a microprocessor

  • Hideaway digital control panel on the hood side

  • It is possible to memorize 8 different working programs

  • Possibility to start shrinking when sealing is completed

  • Automatic adjustment of sealing-time: the machine adjusts the sealing-time automatically according to the packaging speed.

  • Hold-down solenoid included and adjustable: the hood remains closed up to the end of shrinking.

  • Hood may be release after fan stopping to avoid the escape of hot air at end-of-cycle

  • Cooling system for thermostatisation of the sealing parts included

  • Energy-saving function: the machine goes in “stand-by” if it does not work for a recordable period

  • Unitcounter included

  • Concave form of the front structure of the machine to give the operator the best and most manageable working conditions

  • Stand and Scrap-rewind on request

  • The machine works with PVC, polyolefin hot thermo-sealing and also shrinkable films

Swing is a new concept of “one-step”, a new way of interpreting a shrink-wrapper by creating a striking change in the aesthetics and the structural materials, thereby giving the machine an inimitable stylish appeal, but also implementing the qualitative and technological level of the entire machine, optimising the whole production process.

Machine made according to CE rules.



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