• Specially developed for use in retail areas where customers slice their own bread

  • Unique and ergonomic design slicing bread down or upwards

  • Auto start when closing and automatic opening after finishing of bread slicing

  • Handles all kinds of bread thanks to unique patented Duo-Contra Slice System

  • Blade replacement within seconds without need of service technician

  • Safety cover all round; completely covered when slicing

  • Free standing blades secure long life span of blades

  • Specially designed double hinged upper guide system for accurate slicing results

  • Standard Teflon coated blades

  • Excellent cleaning and maintenance access

  • Easy removable collection crumb tray

  • Centric construction avoids remains of crumbs in slicing mechanism

  • Max. bread size (WxDxH) : 44 x 26 x16 cm

  • Slice thickness from 10 to 18 mm (other on request)

This slicer is available in two versions; Slicer Shop model and Slicer Self Model.


  • Electronic oil lubrication for rye bread

  • Single phase electric components

  • Special slice thickness

  • Decorative red/green LED lightning

  • Selection of colour side panels

  • Bag dispenser

  • Quick seal bag closer

  • Clip dispenser

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