• Production capacity: 35 cycles / minute
  • AISI 304 stainless steel structure suitable for operation in corrosive environments
  • Modular frame adaptable according to customer requests (positioning of complementary devices, extension of the loading area) or production requirements (left machine)
  • Standard components (FESTO, BUSCH, SIEMENS) for better management of spare parts
  • Forming cycle by vacuum process with film heating and where necessary punches (traditional or heated)
  • Molds designed according to the characteristics of the product and customer requirements (dedicated cavity, logo, lines, easy opening systems)
  • Quick format changeover without the use of tools, thanks to the assisted opening system of the upper bell for easy access to the molds
  • Dedicated cutting units, according to the number of packages, their characteristics and material thicknesses to guarantee efficiency and effectiveness over time
  • Possibility of endowment of the CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) title 21 part 11, a unique and very effective tool in ensuring the traceability of electronic data, according to the guidelines dictated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).
  • Loading area accessible from both sides, extensible and with the possibility of positioning seated operators
  • Possibility of managing different feeds, by means of an easy system for replacing the forming bell or FV version (Variable Format), with the positioning of 2 forming bells and 2 welding bells
  • Use of the same machine to obtain packs in rigid and flexible film, with or without modified atmosphere or realization of the vacuum
  • Possibility of integration with automatic product loading systems (dedicated loaders, dosing systems, unstackers), end-of-line devices (labeling machines, weight control systems, cartoners, re-aligners), automatic variable data printing systems
  • Easy management of the packaging line via touch-screen panel and dedicated program for monitoring and changing machine parameters
  • Integral cut in shape
  • Possibility of positive forming “POSIFORM”.
  • Upper chain group for execution SHRINK complete with chain unit for upper film with Brushless motor and vacuum film heating plate.

Machine’s Length:                                    Customised
Machines Width:                                       1200 mm
Machines Height:                                       2000 mm
Top Film width:                                         500 mm
Bottom Film width:                                   500 mm
Operating film:                                           Max film thickness 1200mu
Pack Depth:
Flexible film up to 220 mm
Production capacity: 35 cycles / minute







The THERA 650 incorporates all the very best technologies offering high speed packaging production for both small and large products.


The modular structure is exclusive to the THERA 650 enabling unique versatility, in terms of formats, productivity and available options.


       ·         Double upper and lower film reelholder
·         Integrated printing and labelling systems
·         Reclosable top film application
·         External components integration service
·         Aligning devices
·         Output conveyors
·         Automatic adjustment of packs depth
·         Forming station adjusting device
·         Liquid and creamy products dosing systems
·         Automatic loading devices
·         Customer’s logo embossomed



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