• AISI 304 stainless steel structure – Fixed length L3500 mm
  • Loading area accessible from both sides
  • Standard components (FESTO, BUSCH, SIEMENS) for better management of spare parts
  • Compact machine, suitable for reduced production spaces
  • Ease of use and good versatility, ideal for starting automatic packaging processes
  • Forming cycle by vacuum process with film heating and where necessary punches
  • Molds designed according to the characteristics of the product and customer requirements (dedicated cavity, logo, lines, easy opening systems)
  • Perimeter sealing plates to guarantee perfect sealing of the packages in any configuration
  • Dedicated cutting groups, according to the number of packages, their material characteristics and thicknesses, to guarantee efficiency and effectiveness over time
  • Scrap recovery system by suction, with bin and filters, or wrapper reels
  • Pre-printed film detection system, for better attractiveness of the finished package
  • Use of the same machine to obtain packs in rigid and flexible film, with or without modified atmosphere or realization of the vacuum
  • Easy management of the packaging line via touch-screen panel and dedicated program for monitoring and changing machine parameters





Machine’s Length:                                    4000 mm
Machines Width:                                       900 mm
Machines Height:                                      1900 mm
Top Film width:                                         300/400 mm
Bottom Film width:                                   320/420 mm
Max. pack dimension:                             400×300 mm
Flexible version operating film:             Min film thickness 80mu
Rigid film version operating film:          Max film thickness 400mu


Pack Depth:

Flexible film from 10 to 100 mm (adjustable)
Rigid film from 30  to 60 mm (adjustable)
Up to 100 mm by Preheating & Plugs (optional)



Production capacity: 8 cycles / minute

THERA 250 is perfectly suited to the customer who requires the implementation and utilization of thermoforming technology.


  • Special Skin application
  • Special sealing for Tyvek/Medical paper
  • Preheating
  • Plug assist                      
  • Additional transversal guillotine cut
  • Additional transversal cutting punch    
  • Medical application cutting
  • Hanging hole (Pack’s longitudinal length to be reduced of 20 mm)
  • Peel
  • Vacuum application
  • MAP application
  • Vibration system
  • Photocell for preprinted top film
  • Centralized water/air discharge
  • Vacuum pump                  
  • Rotating table at machine exit
  • Chiller for water cooling
  • Printer Thermal transfer



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