• Ring diameter of passage 920 mm

  • Belt driven rotation unit

  • PLC to control the wrapping cycle

  • Start of the machine through pedal

  • Spool holder and gear roller mechanical adjustable clutch

  • Pneumatic unit of hooking/cutting

  • Ring rotation speed variable by inverter

  • Free roller conveyors with zinc rollers length 460 mm width 600 mm in feed and out feed

  • Manually adjustable height conveyors

  • In feed and out feed manual side guides

A universal semi-automatic wrapping machine hand-operated by an employee. The work table can be adapted to the needs of the wrapping process. 
The wrapping head can be mounted in three different heights depending on the application and dimensions of the product being wrapped (the height is changed by raising or lowering the wrapping element in the base of the device). 
The special design of the machine allows for safe operation directly in the wrapping area. This ensures that the handling and wrapping process can be carried out simply and safely, even with smaller and shorter products.
The rotational speed of the wrapping ring is regulated by a potentiometer. Thanks to the use of an additional roller to set the stretch film stretch, you can set a permanent tension of the film on the wrapped product. 
By using the pedal to start and stop the wrapping process, you can freely stop the device during wrapping (eg when wrapping a product for courier shipping, after pre-wrapping the product, you can stop the wrapping process,  put a card with address data and bring the product to the end).



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