• Tailor made packs avoid unnecessary material waste
  • The packs are shaped directly from a plastic reel and perfectly adapt to the product. Omega 800 automatically “reads” and “calculates” each product’ size avoiding the waste of film.
  • Efficient resourcing: The Omega 800 is fully automated, requiring a single operator to feed the machine. All the packaging processes, including the vacuum packaging, occurs automatically without any other operator’s intervention.
  • Heavy duty construction using non corrosive materials
  • Stainless steel panels Vacuum system using high pressure extraction
  • Automatic adjustment of bag length corresponding to product length
  • Adjustable longitudinal sealing head
  • Stainless steel material for film forming system
  • Infeed belt: system with Photocell to allow automatic detection of presence and size of the product 
  • Product wrapping: Automatic system of film preheating and sealing bars with temperature control.
  • Reel holder: with for film unwinding, moving arm and control for film tensioning.
  • Retractable belt: To transfer the product into the vacuum chamber

  • Resistive touch operator panel: To allow a friendly HMI use, in any working condition. Troubleshooting & comprehensive alarm visualization are coubled with our remote assistance
  • Vacuum chamber: with film cutting system and double sealing bar for a perfect vacuum
  • Exit belt: In polyurethane controlled by inverter for speed variation, dismountable for cleaning operations

Roll Film width:                                         800 mm
Operating film:                                           Max film thickness 1200mu
Production capacity: 30 cycles / minute













Exclusives characteristics of the OMEGA 800 are the combination of the traditional flow-pack packaging method with a vacuum chamber.


Suitable for the packaging of poultry, meat, cheese and other products that require vacuum packaging with hermetic sealing is possible using barrier shrink films or aluminium laminates.




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