• Working Cycle electronically controlled by a microprocessor

  • It is possible to memorize 8 different working programs

  • Possibility to start shrinking when sealing is completed

  • Starting control with proximity

  • Automatic adjustment of sealing-time: the machine adjusts the sealing-time automatically according to the packaging speed.

  • Hold-down solenoid included and adjustable: the hood remains closed up to the end of shrinking.

  • Hood may be released after fan stopping to avoid the escape of hot air at the end of the cycle

  • Reopening system through gas spring

  • Stainless steel-mesh outfeed conveyor belt automatically controlled by a timer and adjustable in height

  • An automatic release of the conveyor belt can permit the film separation from the sealing blade after shrinking (patented)

  • Energy-saving function: the machine goes in “stand-by” if it does not work for a recordable period

  • Activated carbon filter aspirator

  • Stand and Scrap-rewind on request

NJB presents this simplified shrink wrapper with fully automatic working cycle in order to grant higher performances and remarkable outputs. A further step towards more automation thanks to a stainless steel outfeed conveyor.

The machine works with thermo-sealing and shrinkable films such as PVC or polyolefin films.

Machine made according to CE rules.



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