• Electronic control panel with touch sensitive and intuitive
    operator interface to set and control all the machine functions 
    in the best and simplest way

  • Possibility to memorize several working cycles with personalized parameters.

  • Hot sealing bars (transversal and longitudinal) controlled by two 
    independent electronic thermo-regulators.

  • Working cycles and parameters setting controlled by microprocessor.

  • Teflon coated sealing blade.

  • Automatic pack bag length determined through horizontal or
    vertical photo-eye depending from the product shape.

  • Multi-pack function (packing of more units in line).

  • Infeed conveyor belt with a continuous or synchronised
    movement with the sealing bar.

  • Counter

    Center seal function to save on the film width.

  • Motorized film unwinder.

  • Micro film performation during the film unwinding.

  • Motorized scrap rewinder.

Design simple but modern, innovative technology, attention to detail, extremely easy to use and extremely functional. Mec pack Five Stars combined with shrink tunnel 5525 EV, built with rods in special fiber, is an automatic packaging line compact and efficient.


  • Sealing height clearance adjustable by electric control.

  • Kissing conveyors.

  • AC motor frequency controls to adjust the speed for the different motors (infeed/outfeed conveyors belts – film unwinding – film pulling – scrap rewinder).

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