• Innovative design

  • High quality standards

  • High productions outputs

  • Fully automatic working cycle

  • Pneumatical working: a pneumatic cylinder closes the sealing-bars, this way the conveyor belt starts operating and transfers the product into the shrink tunnel for being shrinked.

  • Opening and closing of the sealing-bars (with a pedal or automatically), sealing-time and conveyor belt moving time controlled by a timer

  • Two independent conveyor belts in the sealing area and in the shrinking

  • The height of the sealing area is adjustable according to the product size

  • An efficient safety system guarantees the operator’s hands security, according to the CE regulations

  • The shrink tunnel, integrated in the machine structure, is equipped with a rolling-rods conveyor belt with adjustable speed by means of a direct current variator on the control panel. The tunnel itself has shutters for air regulation in order to obtain the best shrinking even in difficult conditions.

  • Available options: Boomerang roller conveyor, scrap-rewinder

    The machine works with PVC, polyolefin hot thermo-sealing and also shrinkable films.

    Machine made according to CE rules.

These models have been conceived to be used when more automation is required, in fact the only thing the operator has just to do is to insert the product into the film and to move it onto the sealing area, as the rest of the working cycle ( sealing, product removal and transfer inside the shrink tunnel) happens automatically. Ideal for medium-high output productions that need to wrap single and multiple products.



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