• Dimensions: 4200 mm L x 1100 mm W x 1700 mm H, weight 800 kg

  • Reel holder width 600 mm

  • Photocell

  • Reel holder to expansion and jolt

  • 4 electronic temperature control

  • Pneumatic roller closing

  • 3 pair of sealing roller diam 120 mm

  • TOUCH SCREEN controll panel with useful graphic interface

  • Infeed belt lenght 2400 mm

  • Speed 150 pcs/min (is variable, subject to final machine specification)

  • Film sensor, auto check-up

  • Piece counter with line stop controller

  • Stop with jaws-open

  • Brushless motors

  • Safety kluch

  • Voltage 400 V 50/60 Hz,, air supply 6 Bar

  • Bag lenght 60-600 mm

  • Width of jaws 300 mm

  • Max product height 120 mm

  • Max product width 280 mm

  • Max reel diameter 350 mm

  • Rotating welding system

New Easy 6 BB is the “Mectronic” flowrapping under reel machine that combines the simplicity of electronics with the reliability of the mechanics in a single system. The mechanics with twin motors fitted to the New Easy 6 BB increase the production capacity performance considerably, compared to the single motor model.



New Easy 6 BB can be used in different manufacturing sectors such as diverse as food, industrial and pharmaceutical. The machine is ideal for the wrapping of shapeless, unstable and heavy items, as well as for the traditional multipack.


  • Thermo Transfer Printer

  • Mechanical gear box

  • Inox version AISI 304 – Left version

  • Sensor for product absence, on line assistance

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