• Print centering photocell

  • Printer intermittent pneumatic

  • Beam sensor crossed beams to length envelope

  • Forum Europe

  • Additional spool shaft

  • Accessory bag

  • Spray alcohol

  • Gas injection

  • Machine stainless steel version

  • Welding polythene

  • Loading belt – 1 meter length

  • Retractable discharge conveyor

  • Driller rotary roll

  • Motorized reel unwinding

  • Shoulder Double reel holder

  • Opening pneumatic wheels

  • Air bellows

  • Easy opening envelope

  • Ground support envelope (heavy products)

  • Switch end coil

  • Square bottom


The new patented wrapping machine CRIMA can work both in horizontal, vertical or inclined position, passing through various degree of inclination, using a simple handwheel located on the left of the operator.The longitudinal sealing of the bag is made by three pulling and sealing couples of wheels, while the transversal sealaing is made by the cutting and sealing jaws through a vertical movement.The forming tunnel is adjustable so that the change of size is easy and quick.


  • Gas injection
  • Alcohol spray
  • Custom roll holder (for rolls over 700mm)
  • Second roll pre heater
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