• High-technology with a very simple and friendly usage

  • Possibility to set up to 6 working cycles with separate parameters

  • Machine propelled by sealed maintenance-free batteries which do not require any filling or to move the                                                              robot in dedicated loading area

  • Exclusive and modern design

  • Fixed mast for wrapping loads with a maximal height of 2000 mm

  • Regulation of the film tension through a mechanic brake

  • Film carriage with chain transmission

  • The machine works with standard stretch-film rolls (thickness 19-40 , width 500 mm)

  • Easy and fast regulation of the optical sensor for the highest wrapping point

  • Easy driving and moving for transferring the machine to the next wrapping point (push for an easy forward/backward and turning left/right of the machine, plus the film carriage moving upward/downward)

  • Acoustic signal at the starting of the working cycles

The COSMO is the only pallet wrapping robot circling the load without a direct contact. It is the

only suitable solution for loads with overhanging parts, with an irregular base (due to either to

the pallet conformation or the characteristics of the products loaded on it) which may block the

detecting wheel in the “traditional” robotic pallet wrapper.



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