• Slices perfectly through all kinds of bread; French baguettes, ciabatte, piccolo’s, sandwich breads, etc.

  • Suitable for all kinds of mini-sandwich breads up to long French baguettes

  • Always straight, sharp, hygienic and smoothly cut slicing results

  • Extremely simple and safe to handle with no maintenance required

  • Ergonomic and eye-catching design for a unique appearance in any sandwich or bakery shop

  • Completely covered slicing blade impossible to reach by hand for maximum safety and hygiene

  • Ultra high slicing speed

  • Well placed and easy to empty crumb tray collector

  • Completely assembled from stainless steel and ABS food approved parts

  • Available in table, wall-mounted or floor-standing models.

The Bini Slicer is the perfect addition to any sandwich shop or catering business.


The Bini Slicer is available in three models; The table Top Model, Wall Model and Mobile Foot Stand. 



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