• Dimensions: 1500 mm L x 1400 mm H x 700 mm W

  • Weight: 250 kg

  • Steel structure powder painted

  • Stainless Steel Product sliding table

  • Speed up to 70 ppm (is variable, subject to final machine specification)

  • Reel Holder passage up to 300 mm

  • Fixed/adjustable forming box

  • Power Supply: 220 V 50/60 Hz

  • Automatic/manual selection switch

  • Safety Design

  • Bag length 60-300 mm

  • Width of jaws 150 mm

  • Max product height 50 mm

  • Max product width 120 mm

  • Max reel diameter 250 mm

  • Rotating jaw system


Little Flow is designed in order to satisfy the requirements of low cost, easy operating, reliability and versatility. Its small size makes this wrapping machine suitable for a use in very small spaces maximizing production area.



Little Flow can be used in different manufacturing sectors, such as food, industrial and pharmaceutical. Little Flow is ideal for the wrapping of the single package and the single-dose.


  • Zig-zag Blades

  • Stop with open welding jaws

  • Sistema di centratura stampa

  • Photocell

  • Thermo Transfer printer

  • Euro-hole

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